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Free Software

A list of free software programs that can come in handy when building and maintaining websites.

FTP Software | HTML Editors | Graphics Editors

FTP Software

FREE FTP File size: 1.2mb
Easily select and transfer multiple files at once. This program also has create and delete features plus the renaming of files.

FTP COMMANDER File size: 530kb
This ftp program offers a lot of the features found in commercial programs such as delete, rename and copy files, and create and delete directories on the server.

FILEZILLA File size: 3.27mb
A fast ftp client for Windows with many features.

RIGHTFTP File size: 751kb
Free FTP client for Windows with many features. It is easy to use for beginners and has enough features to meet the demands of experienced users .

HTML Editors

Notepad2 File Size: 642kb
Light weight and portable html editor, install on your thumb drive and it's ready to use on any windows based computer. Extra features includes highlighting code errors.

HTML-KIT File size: 1.7mb
An easy to use program for Windows designed to help edit, format, preview and publish webpages. Good start for beginners since it points out errors and suggests improvements to their code.Some functions include drag and drop, spell checker and thesaurus.

Graphics Software

If you can't afford the hefty price Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape is an excellent free alternative for making vector graphics.

TROUT'S GIF OPTIMIZER File size: 365kb
This freeware program shrinks the file size of gif graphics and a small file size is important in web design, it even converts other graphic formats such as bmp and jpg into gif images.

ZPAINT File Size: 2.5mb
This little graphics program makes 3D elements for websites. You can easily paint raised or lowered shapes such as buttons, rings,etc. or add special effects to existing graphics. Special effects include adjustable depth and gloss.

Paint.NET File Size: 50mb
This is a image editing photo manipulation program for Windows Windows XP (SP2 or later) and Vista. It supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and many other useful and powerful tools.

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