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Uploading Web Pages

What You Need
Before you can upload your site to the internet, you need a web hosting service. Web hosts provide a place on the internet where folks like you can put up a website so that everyone can see it. Think of it like a folder on your computer where you keep your website files. This tutorial uses and recommends the Tiny Plan web hosting from A Small Orange for only $35 a year.

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to register a website address (called a domain name in tech talk). This tutorial registers its domain at Name Cheap and has put together easy to follow instructions to help you connect your web address to your website.

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Once you have a web hosting account and a domain name, you are ready to copy your website files from your computer to the web server in your web hosting account. This is done either by means of a control panel in your hosting account, or with a program called ftp.

Be sure the file name of your home webpage is index.html because if it isn't your web address will not work.

Uploading by ftp is the most common and easiest way of transferring files to your web hosting account. There are both free and paid ftp software programs, the following is a general explanation how to use one, for specific instructions check the help section of the ftp program you are using.

From the connection dialog box in the ftp program 3 pieces of information need to be entered that you received from your web host. They are the host ftp url, your login username and password.

Once you’re logged in you are ready to transfer your files. In the ftp program you will see a couple of windows:

The local window - this window displays the files on your computer
The remote window - this window displays files in your web hosting account

Most web hosts require that you upload your files to a folder called public_html, if you see this folder in the remote window open it because this is where your website files will be put. Now it’s simply a matter of selecting files in the local window and copying them to the remote window.

And that's all there is to it. Now go get that site of yours online! For those of you who purchase web hosting from A Small Orange, here's a little uploading tutorial just for you.

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