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Sign up for a free account at Weebly and start building your website right away the fast and easy way. Weebly is an online site builder and web host rolled into one. It enables anyone to create a professional website or online store without learning the skills needed to build one.

Making a website with Weebly also eliminates the need of uploading your site to the internet because everything is done online in your browser window, once a site is finished or updated, pressing the "Publish" button is all it takes to instantly make your site viewable on the internet.

Accounts start free and if you want some of the more advanced features like the option to make password protected pages, sell digital downloads or make an e-commerce site with fully integrated shopping cart that works with PayPal or Google Checkout, you can upgrade to a paid account.

Whether your site is for business, hobby or education, Weebly provides a fast, easy and convenient way for anyone to set up a website or online store without the time and effort needed to learn code.

Here's some of the benefits of using Weebly to build your website:

What About A Web Address?

You can register a domain through Weebly or use a domain you already have if you upgrade to a paid account. Free accounts get a Weebly subdomain. A subdomain is a web address such as

Cool Tip
It costs less and is better to register a domain separately at a domain registrar such as NameCheap and then point it to your Weebly website. Relax, it's easy, really, it is. Here's how it's done.

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